When we become aware of an alarming or otherwise difficult situation, we should be extremely careful: to form a seriously wrong opinion is all too easy; we may even be tempted to cast judgement on those involved.

For several days, after being told about a very difficult situation affecting a family – who are our friends – these thoughts were in my mind and close to my heart.

After stifling the temptation to open my mouth, and thus cast judgement, the Holy Spirit imposed upon me self control and I began to pray. This was wise, not as far as I personally was concerned but as regards the Spirit: very soon afterwards I learned something about this troubling family drama that earlier I’d been unaware of.

Thus I understood the wisdom of holding my tongue and the importance of obeying the work of the Spirit, so as not to cast judgement and to hope that that which is hidden will be revealed. To have done otherwise would have been doubly wrong: not only would I have judged the situation; that judgement would have been mistaken.

Matthew 10:26
Fear them not therefore:
for there is nothing covered,
that shall not be revealed;
and hid, that shall not be known.

Diego Acosta / Neide Ferreira
Translation: Stephen Downs