As I recalled a passage from Jesus’ ministry, I asked myself what would happen if He asked me to follow Him, as He had asked those who were to become His disciples. Though the two sets of circumstances are distinct, by listening carefully to the words each of them contain I can conclude that His command is for me personally.

When you offered water to a person who was thirsty and in need, you were also offering that water to me. So too, when you commanded that your message be spread afar, you were commanding that I play my personal part in this. We often make the mistake of believing that generalised commandments do not require that we too respect and obey them. Every commandment must, however, be understood as applying to us personally, even though we might prefer not to hear it, or find inconvenient or otherwise dislike the manner in which we are required to obey it.

I can ask myself two questions: What would happen if I disobey one of God’s commands? What would happen if God himself became tired of my rebelliousness? Our commitment must, therefore, be ever firm and unyielding.

Salmo 119:148

Mine eyes prevent the night watches,
that I might meditate in thy word.

Diego Acosta / Neide Ferreira

Translation: Stephen Downs